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Adventure Pack Walks

We pick up your dogs in the morning and return them to our private 11-acre farm. 

Once dogs have bonded to our packs, they can run off lead in our paddocks, swim in the lake, or explore the forest and stream with us. 

We walk through all the different areas of the farm to provide a constantly changing environment for the dogs. We continually evolve Zoomie trails and cut new tracks through our native forest and controlled gorse blocks. Variety is key! 


We train dogs with difficulty with recall and teach them other commands such as stop, wait, and others on our walks. Our training uses positive reinforcement, which provides a better long-term benefit.




Once we have finished our walks, we then drop the dogs home. The dogs can then rest until their owner's return which is an important time for them so they do not become overstimulated. 


Dogs usually are out with us for between 2.5-3.5 hours.

Parasite Program

Parasite Program


We offer a parasite flea, tick and worm treatment for your dogs.

This treatment consists of a Bravecto Chew that will protect against Fleas and Ticks for three months. We also use the Drontal worming product. Both these products are the choice of vets and compliment each other.

As a reseller of these products, we can offer them at competitive rates.

These treatments will be administered by Becky, a qualified Vet Nurse, at no cost. We will also manage a schedule to remind you when the subsequent treatment is due and provide a certificate for each treatment at no cost!

Our latest Parasite Pricing is here --->

Allergen Treatment

Allergen Treatment

We can't escape Grass and Plant Allergens no matter how hard we try. From the backyard to grass verges on urban walkways. Its everywhere!

One of the significant differences with our Adventure Farm is that we spend considerable time manicuring our paddocks to minimise grass growth and remove seed pods as early as possible. We have invested in our equipment.

That said, it is impossible to eliminate this problem, so we offer a FREE allergen treatment program to dogs that need it. We have three tiers of  treatment options that we can discuss with you.


Ask Becky

All of our customers get the "Ask Becky" service for FREE!

Becky has decades of experience as a Veterinary Nurse in General Practice and Surgical environments. She also has a solid biological background and a good understanding of pathogens and infectious ailments.

This experience, coupled with a strong understanding of breeds and behaviours and as a Border Control trainer, allows Becky to offer some sound advice.

Becky may save you a vet visit or ensure you see your vet when it is necessary. This advice is free for clients.


Your pup's health is our primary concern!

Ask Becky
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